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Ball Engineer Master II Watches

Ball Engineer Master II Watches

Ball Watches Engineer Master II collection watches are a mix of classic design watches and diver watches. Winner of the 2011 Watch Of The Year, the Ball Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime is included in the Ball Engineer Master II collection. "Ball Watch impressed us with its Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime. An automatic watch with world time indication, water resistant to 300 meters and with a well designed sturdy case." The engineer's primary duty was to drive the train. He was also responsible for interpreting train orders, train signals and railroad rules and regulations. He inspected the locomotive before a run to verify fuel, sand, water and other supplies. He also synchronized time with the conductor.

Today all Ball watches are equipped with patented, Ball-engineered self-powered micro gas light technology that illuminates their watches for at least 25 years. Other Ball Watch innovations include 7,500 G force shock resistance, -40 Celsius temperature rating, and 12,000A/m magnetic field resistance. Since 1891, Ball watches have proven their famous standard of "Accuracy Under Adverse Conditions."

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Conductor, Engineer II, Engineer Master II, Engineer Hydrocarbon, Fireman, Trainmaster

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Ball watches are synonymous with the American railroad. Webb C. Ball the founder of the Ball Watch Company was the driving force behind these extremely accurate "approved for railroad service" timepieces. Ball ran a small jewelry shop until a fatal train wreak in 1891 when he was commissioned by the railway to create a standardization of timekeeping for the engineers. Soon his practices and policies were being followed on over 125,000 miles of railroad in North America and his Ball Watch Company brand was the standard in accurate timepieces worldwide.You will find a wide variety of Ball watches on sale at

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