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Fendi Quadro Watches

Fendi Quadro Watches

The Fendi Quadro watch collection have two unique features. The first is the square case and dial made to resemble a picture frame. This feature is what give the Fendi collection it's name as Quadro in Italian means picture. The second distinctive feature is the bracelet that is a series of interconnected F's creating the Fendi Logo as the bracelet making it recognizable from any angle.

The early roots of the Italian fashion house Fendi can be traced back to 1918 when Adele Casagrande opened a modest little leather and fur shop in Rome. The Fendi name came into existence in 1925, when Adele marries Eduardo Fendi. Business was good for the newlyweds, and by 1932 they had opened a new and larger shop. With constant growth came wider recognition and the Fendi name soon spread and garnered fame beyond the boundaries of Rome. In 1980 Fendi entered the world of luxury watches, with aggressive and unique styles Fendi watches keep fashion forward.

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Fendi is an Italian company that was founded in Rome in1925. The brand was founded by Eduardo and Adele Fendi in a tiny leather goods shop in Rome, Italy. They worked with private clients as they still do today as one of Italy's most important and influential fashion brands. Like many other Italian fashion lines producing luxury goods, the Fendi company is a family dynasty owing a great deal of its success to the strong blood links comprising an intrinsic part of the business. After the death of their father in 1954 Fendi Turned to the 5 children of Adele and Edoardo to run the business. In a time in which Italy struggled to cope with post-war reconstruction, is when the Fendi daughters bring in new ideas and fresh energy into the Fendi brand lifting it to its round the world popularity. Fendi is famous for its trademark "F" logo on which they put on both the bracelet and chronograph watches. This actually was the design that made Fendi watches famous and elegant timepieces from their inception. You will find a wide variety of Fendi watches on sale at

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