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Luminox Watches

Luminox creates luxury watches with a difference. Luminox designs rely on a unique, self-illuminating system powered by small gas lights that provide a maintenance-free life of 10 to 25 years. The enhanced brightness and battery-free reliability of Luminox watches are what attracted the U.S. Navy Seals to contact Luminox in 1994. Luminox rose to the challenge to create the one-of-a-kind Navy Seals Watches. Swiss-made and technology-inspired, Luminox watches remain in the vanguard of watch design, with new models in development for the U.S. Air Force that will work in conjunction with specific fighter jets. The Luminox collections of men's and ladies' luxury watches reflect this commitment to innovation and superior engineering. Light up the night with the wide selection of discount Luminox watches at

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Watch Collections Manufactured By Luminox Watches

Colormark, 3150 Series, Steel Colormark 38mm, Steel Colormark 3150 Series, Deep Dive Automatic 1500 Series, Colormark Chronograph 3080 Series, Original Navy Seal 3000 Series, Navy Seal Colormark 3050 Series, Navy Seal Faststrap Series, Dive Chrono 8150 & 8350 Series, Colormark 38mm 7050 Series, F-35 Lightning Ii, Sr-71 Blackbird 9000 Series, F-117 Nighthawk 3400 Series, F-117 Nighthawk 6400 Series, F-22 Raptor 9200 Series, Atacama Chronograph 1880 Series, Valjoux Field Chronograph 1860 Series, Recon Point Man, Tony Kanaan Series, Atacama Chronograph 1840 Series, Atacama Day Date 1820 Series, Field Automatic 1800 Series, Black Ops Carbon 8800 Series, Black Ops 8400 Series, Field Chronograph 1840 Series, Field Day Date 1820 Series, Sentry 0200 Series