The Swatch Group LTD. is the driving force behind some of the greatest Swiss watch brands include Swatch watches. During the 1970's Swiss Watches lost a lot of sales due to the release of the Japanese quartz movement, in 1979 Swatch watches started to sell Swiss made quartz movements. Since that day in 1979 Swatch watches have been at the forefront of quality quartz movement and artistic designs. A Swatch watch is considered more as a fashion accessory due to their bold and unique styles.

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The Swatch Group, the parent company, of Swatch watches is the largest and most dynamic watch company in the world. Swatch first started selling watches in 1983. The Swatch Group was the Swiss answer to the Japanese watch revolution of the late 70's and early 80's of thin design with less parts to make watches more affordable to the mass market. Swatch has been at the forefront of new watch design and technology. Some of the Swatch Groups groundbreaking developments have been taking place right alongside the standard Swatch watch in plastic. Swatch then introduced the Irony, the metal Swatch watch they also have the the Swatch SKIN Chrono, the world's thinnest chronograph watch. Some of their technological breakthroughs have come as the Swatch Snowpass this watch with a built-in access control function which can be used as a ski pass at many ski resorts throughout the world, and Swatch Beat this radical watch features the revolutionary Internet Time. You will find a wide variety of Swatch watches on sale at

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Blustery, Cool Days, Elegantly, Hero, Irony Just White, Legendary, Luludia, Metal Knit, Mister, Rebel, Something, Warm, Windfall